For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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What is your fee schedule?

January 2019 base rates are as follows (fees once reduced by the Child Care Operating Fund Fee Reduction Program):

Children 3 to 5 years of age

5 days a week – $900/month ($800/month)
4 days a week – $760/month ($680/month)
3 days a week – $575/month ($515/month)
2 days a week – $415/month ($375/month)
1 day a week – $215/month ($195/month)
Daily drop in – $55/day

Children under 36 months

5 days a week – $1150/month ($800/month)
4 days a week – $960/month ($680/month)
3 days a week – $725/month ($515/month)
2 days a week – $515/month ($375/month)
1 day a week – $265/month ($195/month)
Daily drop in – $55/day

Do you accept subsidy?

A. Yes we do accept subsidy. To learn more about the Child Care Subsidy in British Columbia and to find out if you qualify click here.

What is included in our monthly fees?

A: A morning and afternoon snack.

Do you have a wait list and how can I add my Child to it?

A. Yes we do have a wait list. Please call or email our center to have your child added to the wait list. Please note that wait times may vary depending on your need of part time care or full time care.

What are the hours the Daycare Centre will be open?

A: 7:30am to 5:30pm

How many children are allowed in the program?

A: Our program is licensed for 24 children.

What is your staff to child ratio?

A: 1 teacher for every 8 children enrolled.

What are the qualifications of the staff?

A: All of our childcare staff members have a valid criminal record check and current first aid. Our teachers will hold either a valid ECE License to Practice or be an ECEA. Teachers of our specialty classes such as music, yoga etc. will also have a valid criminal record check as well as hold the appropriate training certificates in the area of their expertise.

Is there a parent group or parent activities?

A: We have different events and activities over the year where families will be invited to participate. We will be offering coffee and chat time regularly for parents on the main floor of the building. Beyond Learning is a family and community centered program. You can also find us on Facebook!

Will you go any field trips?

A: Yes we will be going on numerous fun and educational fieldtrips throughout the year. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us!