Our Programs

Our centre is licensed to provide care to 61 children daily across 4 different programs:

25 Student Group Child Care Program – Children Ages 3 to 5 Years

16 Student Group Child Care Program – Children Ages 30 Months to 5 Years

12 Student Before and After School Care – School-Aged Children in Kindergarten to Grade 4

*8 Student Infant and Toddler Program – Children Ages 6 Months to 3 Years

*Enrollment for our Infant and Toddler program is currently waitlisted until sometime in 2025. To be added to this waitlist please e-mail [email protected] and follow the directions you receive in the automated response.

Our Curriculum



Our Director and lead teacher has been trained in Hanen’s Literacy and Language Program. The children will begin learning letter recognition and phonics in a fun way that brings them all together the way language is meant to! Our “Letter of the week” and “Guessing Bag” activities are designed to facilitate early literacy in a way that gets everyone excited and involved – including your families!



We love Math! We want your child to love it too! Our staff teach the early concepts of both math and science everyday as we believe they go hand in hand. Through fun planned activities and experiments your children will learn sorting, counting, matching, measuring, and much more!!



We are so fortunate to be located in one of Kelowna’s newest community centre for the arts – The Forum! Our location was masterfully renovated with attention to art, natural beauty and aesthetics in every detail (floors, lighting, etc.). As the Forum community grows the children at Beyond Learning will have opportunities to experience various types of music, art, and artists honing their craft!


Music and Movement

Music enriches people’s lives. It evokes thought, emotion and often brings about movement! At Beyond Learning we want to share our love of music and movement with the children in our care! We will be offering specialty music classes on a regular basis and include music and creative movement into our programming whenever possible (circle time, transitions, music classes etc.) Variety is the spice of life! Come and Dance with us!


Physical Education

It is important for everyday health that we stay active and move. Children are busy and need many opportunities in the day to move! Balance, running, jumping, skipping, and hand eye co-ordination are just a few of the skills your child will learn during our weekly phys-ed classes.


Dramatic Play

Dream, Play and Pretend! Express yourself! These are things we want to encourage and nurture in every child! At Beyond Learning we believe that you can be anything! Dramatic play opens the doors to creativity. The children will have access to many open ended props and costumes during their play time and the teachers will change the dramatic play area to incorporate each month’s theme.



At Beyond Learning we know that Health and Nutrition go hand in hand. Our industrial kitchen is almost finished and we are excited to be currently serving two healthy snacks per day!! We believe that “fresh is best” and that It is important to our community to support local farmers markets. Our teacher’s understand the importance of modelling healthy habits and will model healthy food choices and hand washing routines during meal times at Beyond.



Children are our future. At Beyond Learning we have an appreciation for and love of nature. We will teach the children to nurture all things that live and grow around us. We wat them to become fascinated with the wonders that nature provides and respect our planet. We will go on regular community walks and discuss the things we see, we may pick up samples to study (fallen leaves, acorns, rocks etc.) and learn about the wide world around us and how we can preserve and protect it.


Family and Community

At Beyond Learning we are a family! We celebrate each other’s differences and want to connect with your family on a regular basis. We encourage community involvement and want to foster relationships and partnerships with our local business owners and community members. – It takes a village to raise a child.

*pre-elementary curriculum